Well, I haven’t posted any DIY projects (disasters) in over a year and a half…turns out I hated my house so much I decided to move! Just kidding of course. For real- when you put twelve years of blood, sweat, tears (yes many DIY projects had me in tears), and LOVE into your home you have a unique attachment to that dwelling. Not to mention, it was my marital home, the home my children were born and partially raised in, and the longest I have spent in a home in my whole life.

I loved that little house. I loved the noisy pool pump. I loved the gigantic palm tree that was only 3 feet high when we moved in, and three stories high when we moved out. I loved the crack in the driveway I never figured out how to fix on my own. Every sound, creak and groan of that house, I love.

I got a bug in my butt one day in 2017 to move. My goal was to leave the city I was in for another as I was sick of the rude me me me behavior. However, in my home searches, I realized I liked my little city and more importantly, the schools where my kids go. Plus, I wanted to pay off some debt and find a bigger place for our growing family.

red and white sale illustration
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

So, we found a larger home about a half mile from our old place. We looked at homes in all corners of our city and every neighborhood in between. In our city, be had a housing boom around 2003-2005 and found many of the homes built then (and since) were poorly built and already showing signs of deterioration. I found styrofoam coming out of a cracked pillar at one home!! Also, I came across many DIY projects homeowners attempted that made me cringe. For example, a homemade kitchen island made out of a bathroom vanity.

As a person who spent twelve years DIY-ing, I had several “must-haves” as well as “must not haves” on my list. Must have a newer roof. Been there, done that. Must have landscaping. I was surprised at how many homes were unlandscaped. Must have good floors. Etc.

We narrowed it down to two homes. One was built in 1978 and one 1988. Both updated. We initially wanted the 1978 home as it was so wonderfully unique- it had huge carved double doors and a silly little gnome closet in the master bedroom. Beautifully landscaped and very well taken care of. The 1988 home was majorly re-done with a brand new roof and new carpet, centrally located. We bid on the 1978 home but they were in contract already, so we bid on the 1988 home and it was accepted. The rest is history. Note: after we were in escrow with the 1988 home, the 1978 home went back on the market. It was not meant to be! Although I will miss that gnome closet….

So here we are. And here I go. While this home has been remodeled, there are a few things I want to change. We already painted the bedrooms- the master had an electric lime green and tan motif going on which I immediately needed to change. The family room was painted in varying shades of yellow which has since been…corrected. I did not bother to post simple paint jobs on here.

The bathrooms, I keep telling myself, I can live with. However, they are tiled floor to ceiling with early 90’s style tile that’s hard to color match. Husband says it reminds him of a hotel. For me, it’s a tad too much so you never know….

I do have a DIY underway that I will post as soon as it’s complete. It involves a front stoop, slippery salmon-colored tile, and a (possibly) broken finger. Stay tuned!


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